A New Beginning for the
Hospitality industry and
its Customers

Meet the BoleToken!

Our fully developed digital token aims to expand the
horizons of the hospitality industry in these challenging
and turbulent times.

That’s right - we are here to turn challenges into

Are you ready to join us?

What is BoleToken Exactly?

BoleToken is a community-driven utility token launched on the Binance Smart Chain network. Its main goal is to establish an alternative form of payment for services and products within the hospitality industry… And beyond!

We recognize the potential of decentralized crypto finances to provide space for expansion, growth, and development – even in times of crisis.

The token can be used by hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, and other hospitality businesses as a form of alternative payment, including bookings, salaries, and loyalty programs.


What are the Horizons of BoleToken?

By investing in Bole, you can enjoy multiple benefits for your business, your well-being, and your financial stability.

For End-Users

  • Re-explore your favorite places and businesses more conveniently.
  • Enjoy multiple tailor-made benefits as a loyal customer.
  • Pay for hospitality services digitally, securely, and intelligently.
  • Grow your finances with safe and reliable cryptocurrency.

For Hospitality Businesses

  • Offer your customers a 100% future-proof way to pay for your services.
  • Expand your business horizons and join our global crypto community.
  • Remunerate your partners and your employees smartly and flexibly.
  • Enhance your business investment plan with a top-line digital currency.
Invest in the future with Bole


Total Supply: 724,716,750,000
FDMC: $1,627,800
Launch date: June 9th, 2021

Public Sale – 60%

Burn – 13.6%

Burned – 3.4%

Distribution to Network partners – 10%

Marketing and team – 7%

Liquidity – 3%

Charity – 2%

Giveaways – 1%

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And that’s Not All of It!

By putting BoleToken into action, we strive to unite the hospitality industry. To bring it together as a community, provide support, and show how cryptocurrencies can make a difference.

Let’s reintroduce the hospitality industry together with BoleToken - a token of the future!