BoleVerse: Our Concept of a Brand-New Virtual World

As BoleToken already makes a tangible impact on the real-life Hospitality industry, we’re planning a virtual reality to transcend our brand vision to another world. The all-new virtual reality on the horizon is called BoleVerse, and we’re here to tell you more about it!

What is BoleVerse?

BoleVerse is a project of Bole Inc., conceived as a logical expansion of the BoleToken in the Metaverse.

The Product

BoleVerse will be a web and mobile- based virtual world, powered by our brand-new BoleVerse token.


In this virtual reality, you’ll be able to access and interact as a part of a unique digital ecosystem.


You’ll be able to become an owner of a digital version of your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, night club, hotel, etc.


You’ll have the chance to buy, sell or rent in-world property with smart contracts by using the BoleVerse token.


Moreover - you’ll be able to host virtual events, manage your digitized reality, and interact with other in-world users like never before.

So - are you ready for the future?
NFT Utilities

NFT Utilities

The BoleVerse world will run its own virtual economy, where ownership will be linked to an NFT. The BoleVerse token will be available to use for all types of in-world goods and services, as well as to be swapped for BoleToken (BOLE).

Virtual property can upgrade the way we think of ownership and empower all types of users to explore other perspectives to the conventional physical world.

NFT utilities know no boundaries! They are available for brands, businesses, individuals, gamers, and socialites - they will offer you a verifiable smart contract ownership and virtually a limitless horizon of possibilities to interact in a mixed-reality environment.

Problems & Solutions

Decentralized meteaverses are a revolutionary new way to re-imagine and re-explore different layers of reality. And like every revolutionary idea, they have their own problems to solve and solutions to offer.


  • Lack of general awareness about all the possibilities the virtual realities have to offer.
  • A relatively slow process of technological acceptance and adoption by the mass public.
  • A sometimes challenging interaction model between B2B and B2C-oriented users
  • A continual need for designing engaging opportunities and experiences for the users.


  • Custom solutions for empowering people with less technical skills to interact with BoleVerse.
  • Supporting brands and businesses in developing their presence in the virtual reality environment.
  • Creating multiple interaction opportunities and ways to monetize the web-based activity in the real world.
  • Guaranteeing fast, effortless, and safe exchange between the BoleVerse and the BoleToken utilities.

At the end of the day, creative virtual reality building comes as not merely an alternative to the real world, but also its continuation and enhancement.

The BoleVerse Business Model

The BoleVerse Business Model

BoleVerse is yet another step in our journey to support the Hospitality industry and provide different ways to expand its growth opportunities.

It is also another step towards our goal to consolidate the Hospitality industry players and encourage them to build a community - driven by common visions, values, goals, and support mechanisms.

We believe that the metaverse provides all tools needed for progressing our mission, vision, and values implementation to the next level. Thus we are beyond thrilled to welcome you to our dream of BoleVerse: the next big thing in the Hospitality industry sphere!

  • Money raised through sales will be used to expand, improve, and upgrade our virtual world.
  • Guaranteeing fast, effortless, and safe exchange between the BoleVerse and the BoleToken utilities.

In exchange for your participation, we will ensure your asset curation, professional world-building and in-world infrastructure, ad-revenue streams, and ever-expanding monetization models for businesses and individuals.

The Metaverse Market Opportunities

The Metaverse Market Opportunities

You already know that Metaverse interaction is the future, but do you know the actual numbers behind that vague statement? According to Statista:

  • In 2021, the global metaverse market was estimated at 38.85 billion U.S. dollars.
  • In 2022, its value is expected to reach about 47.48 billion U.S. dollars.
  • By 2030, the estimated value of the metaverse market is 678.8 billion U.S. dollars.

As of today, investing in the future means investing in the thin veil where virtual and real overlap and we call this fine interconnection BoleVerse!

BoleVerse-Bolev Token Private Sell is Coming soon

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